Sleep and How It's Affected by the Food You Eat

By Cristina Cook

Your general health and body weight not just depend on what you eat but also on how much you sleep and how good your sleep is. Things that you eat can affect your sleep and its quality seriously. Some can improve it but some can make your sleep difficult.

Products that help you with you sleep include green leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole grain breads, mushrooms. Also spices you add to your food can improve your sleep; dill, sage and basil for example.

You should remember those days when your parents put you to bed with a cup of milk and there was a reason to that. Milk actually helps with the sleep a lot. It's rich in substance called tryptophan which again helps in creating a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that controls sleep.

To get more tryptophan and if you're craving a snack then products like turkey, honey, tuna and egg whites should be the best choice. They are tryptophan rich and additionally will help you with sleep.

Things to avoid before bedtime are caffeine rich foods and drinks. Caffeine is a stimulant which helps you with staying awake. Products that contain this stimulant are coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, soft drinks and some medications so try to avoid them before you go to sleep.

Another substance called tyramine should be avoided. Foods like as bacon, cheese, sugar, ham and tomatoes contain it in large amounts so avoid them.

Try to avoid spicy foods soon before you go to bed. They can cause indigestion and heartburn that can affect the quality of your sleep. You might think that alcohol help you to fall asleep but it also have negative effect by making you thirsty during the night and causing waking in the night to urinate.

The amounts you eat also have an impact on the quality of your sleep. It's recommended to have light meals in the evening. This way potential indigestion, bloating or overall discomfort can be avoided.

Additionally, to improve your sleep you can take vitamins and supplements. Supplements that include vitamins B6 and B12, calcium, magnesium and valerian should help you.

Having a good sleep is important to feel good and be healthy that's why do everything to improve it. If food stops you from truly pleasant night sleep then change it for better and healthier products. - 30414

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How One Can Make His Body Fit By Taking Appropriate Nutritious Food ?

By John Goldman

Healthy Nutrition- An Essential

Our body is a store house, which we should retain fit, healthy and joyful. Diet is the significant word to maintaining our body fit, and in well physical shape.

The healthy food consists of balanced quantity of all of the necessary elements need, like carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and also fats.

You should take in to live, and not the other way round. Spilling your body with the necessary food, not only assist you to lose weight, but also retains you fresh and energetic.

A good diet always imparts a glow on your face and keeps your hair shiny .There are lots of benefits and no losses involved in it .Practically it is a win -win situation.

Become a strong and energetic

It is very difficult to keep away from eating the so called delicious, oily and fried food .People go these eateries almost thrice every week and put on the kilos.

Eating healthy food, comprising of fruits ,vegetables and the balanced quantity of every important nutrient .One should take at least 5 portions of fruits every day .This thing will not only reduce fat in your body but also helps you to revive your skin, hair and face.

An exceptionally significant accessory to your health is your skin, and it is hugely significant to handle it right. To make your skin glowing you should eat fruits, green leafy vegetables, natural juices, and avoid oily fried products.

You should control of fries, chips, chocolates, and other kinds of scrap meal, as they have a great fat and sodium content which is risky for your good health. Going vegetarian is the recent craze which seems to perform miracle for your health, and brain.

It is internally, mentally and physically embellishing as long as you with the appropriate food. Not like a ordinary delusion, vegetarian food is high on proteins, vitamins, and minerals, where we have lentils, green leafy vegetables, milk and milk goods, which are proved to be even more advantageous than meat.

Benefits of a Good Lifestyle

A proper lifestyle, with regular patterns of food intake is a must. You can go for healthier substitutes, rather than consuming fatty foods. This not only makes a good health choice, but is extremely beneficial in the long run.

You can remain in structure, and touch the top of your health with good nutritional food, but do make it a point to practice any physical task. Be it any sport, or household chores, or a gym, physical fitness is a necessary to complement with good intake habits.

Apart from having a lean, attractive body, you can also obtain a glowing healthy skin, which would be the cynosure of all eyes. Your healthy body and healthy food habits will be reflected outwards.

Try to cut down on calories and make a healthy choice today, for the betterment of the tomorrow. - 30414

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The Right Way To Build Muscles With Protein

By Martin Elmer

If you are planning to improve your fitness or lose weight, a high protein diet is a must. And the two goals a closely related to each other. Because when you build your muscles you also build metabolism. And a high metabolism level help you burn fat; and their by lose weight.

To get larger muscles, you have to work out. You are doing that by stressing you muscles to the absolute point of failure, where you cannot do another repetition. Then you must stop, because else you risk an injury.

When you exercising your muscles to their point of failure, you are telling the body that it can expect the same amount of stress in the future. This will make the body grow the muscles.

After the workout a repairing process starts. But the muscles will not just grow to the previous state. The will grow larger to prepare themselves for a similar stress level in the future. The result is larger muscles.

So way to build your muscles is to break them down and then build them up again. To do that you have you provide nutrient to your body; and the nutrient is protein.

Daily diet like poultry, fish and eggs are full of protein. So you have to figure out how much protein you need to build your muscles the most effective way.

A rule of thumb says that for every pound you weight, you have to consume 1g of protein; if you work out intensely. E.g. you have to consume 140g protein per day, if your weight is 140 pound.

It can be difficult to find the right amount of protein. Too high protein consumption will result in more fat, and too little will mean that you are not getting the muscles, you wished for.

The simple way to follow is to go for a high protein diet and cut down on carbohydrate and fat. Then it will not be a problem if some of the protein is converted to fat.

You can supplement your normal meals with protein supplements, if you are having problems getting enough proteins. Then you are also not getting to many calories from the real food.

A positive side effect (besides larger muscles) is that a high protein diet plan also will boost your immune system; and thereby improve your general health. - 30414

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Soups Made Simple

By Kristen Thorpe

There's a lot to love about a cup of delcious soup. Some people love the many flavors and textures, others the warmth and comfort. Lots of soups are so hearty they actually make a complete meal. Of course, in the summer heat, there is always the option of choosing from the cold soup favorites. Here are just a few of the basic types of soups you can create yourself.

When you look at soups, you can generally categorize them into either stock-based or non stock-based soups. Then there fruit soups as well, which generally do not use stock base. Stock based soups can include broth, bouillon, and consomm while non-stock based soups are typically your cream soups, purees, chowders, and bisques.

The majority of soup stocks start with a meat. The classic meat choices are commonly beef, lamb, turkey, veal, chicken, and fish. Lighter color meats such as poultry will create a light soup stock while the other darker meats will make a brown colored stock. To flavor the stock you'll typically add vegetables such as carrots, celery, and onion. These soups stocks are the basis for your family favorites including chicken soup, tomato soup, broths, and beef vegetable soups.

Being much thicker and richer, and generally quite nutritional, a puree or a cream soup can often be served as a main course, especially for a luncheon or a light dinner. These soups include varieties such as split pea, bean or potato puree, cream soups such as corn, broccoli or mushroom, bisque of oyster or lobster, and clam chowder.

Fruit soups are a wonderful chilled alternative enjoyed year-round, but especially in the heat of summer. Varieties include strawberry, peach, melon, cantaloupe, and cherry. You'll find certain cold soup recipes use vegetable based stock and others list fruit juice in the ingredients instead. Either makes a wonderful vegetarian dish.

Whatever soup you choose to make, there's nothing quite like coming home and savoring a well-made soup. Finish your cream soup off with a small garnish and serve in a large, flat bowl. Covered soup bowls are ideal for bean and onion soups. And don't forget to make enough for second helpings. - 30414

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The Best Cure For Acne Need Not Be Harsh And Expensive

By Thomas FIsher

Some people suffering from acne will never hesitate to subscribe to over the counter treatments. But, sadly, they're not the best cure for acne around. Not only are they expensive, but they can even aggravate your problem. Some of these treatments contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. With an irritated skin, flare-ups may only get worsen.

There are natural means of dealing with this skin problem. They are inexpensive, and produce no side effects as their pharmaceutical counterparts. You really don't have to go out now just to purchase them. Some of them could be sitting in your kitchen all this time.

Begin with watching what you're putting in your mouth. Try to steer clear of fatty and greasy foods. Also, skip putting refined sugar in your favorite beverage. Focus on foods that are naturally rich in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Chicken, yogurt, beans and nuts are some great sources of zinc. For your omega-3 fatty acids dose, have lots of fish and oils like vegetable and flaxseed ones.

Making your own facial mask from things found in the kitchen is really easy. And they're effective too. Crack an egg, remove the yolk and beat the remaining white. Apply on your face, let stay for at least 15 minutes, then rinse with water. Oatmeal is great for exfoliating the skin and absorbing excess sebum. Cook plain oatmeal the usual way. Once thoroughly cooled, massage it onto affected skin, and let stay for some minutes before rinsing.

In a blender, mix clean orange peels with a little water. Apply the paste as a mask to dry up acne quickly, and mildly exfoliate the skin. Aloe vera provides lots of benefits to skin problems, from mild burns, to acne. Break off a leaf and simply apply the thick juice on the affected areas of the skin. You can just let it stay there just like that, or rinse off after a few minutes if you need to get out of the house.

Astringents often sting and make your face red all over. However, there are great all-natural alternatives for those. Apple cider vinegar, or any plain vinegar, is a great substitute. So is lemon or lime juice. You can steep a bag of green tea in a cup of hot water, let cool and apply with a cotton ball.

Obviously, the best cure for acne doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, some pricey treatments for the problem make use of all-natural ingredients too. But still they contain some chemicals in them. That's why sometimes it's much better to simply create your own. They're inexpensive, milder on your skin, and effective. - 30414

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Protein - The Denominator Habitual to All Dietary Regimens

By Protica Research Staff Writer

The human body is in a continuous fluctuation with the environment. Matter and molecules stream in and out, casting themselves into its complexities. Though the body lends them structure, it is the intake -- the diet -- that decides its physique. To be in charge of what goes in a diet is to select what stays inside. Dietary decisions replicate an awareness of metabolism and the nutrients needed to vary it. There may be a myriad of diets purported for every leisure interest and ailment. In spite of this, the one macronutrient that is always mandatory, in substantial quantities irrespective of the physiological state, is protein.

Proteins hold this special position in each diet for a multiplicity of reasons. They tie the DNA to the rest of the cell and modulate every cellular functions and responses. They are the scaffolds of the human body that struts a billion cells. Proteins are as well the workers that shuffle around the body relaying messages, executing upkeep and digestion. Oxygen from the lungs and several nutrients from the stomach are protein full and taken to their destination. The motors in the muscles and the antibodies in the immune system are all proteins. If genes code live in a helix of DNA, subsequently proteins are time in its decoded form. Their pervasiveness makes them central and, protein synthesis a priority in metabolism.

Tally to this innumerable number of functions the vast turnover speed of proteins, and endless protein synthesis becomes very important. Every protein has a short life span and is in then to no time broken down into its constituent amino acids. Original proteins are mandatory to acquire their position. The skin itself is renewed every seven days. After that there are proteins that get used up, broken or excreted, and need to be produced another time. Protein synthesis goes on at a frenzied swiftness regular in customary people. After that there are periods of hurried progression, like athletes in training, teenagers, convalescent patients, babies, pregnant or lactating mothers, where protein synthesis reaches an all time high. Proteins are broken down for additional reasons too. In times of strain, disease or starvation, the body clearly cannot find enough sources of energy. In such situations, proteins are brought apart into their component amino acids and are used as fuel. Consequently, in every physiological states, cells are incessantly at work, churning out new proteins.

To preserve this essential and intense pace of protein synthesis, the body needs a dedicated supply of amino acids. Regrettably, not like carbohydrates and fats that are stockpiled, the human body has no arrangement to store extra amino acids. The constant demand for proteins and amino acids has to be met anew each day and from three promising sources: cellular production, the diet, or breakdown of further body proteins. Of these, cellular production would be most opportune. If the cell could fabricate all the necessary amino acids, there would be no compulsion to provide them in the diet. However, there are amino acids that clearly cannot be produced in the body. These 'essential amino acids' have got to come from the diet.

Proteins, from the diet or supplements, are the greatest substitute. The supply of all amino acids can be ensured and in adequate quantities. Cellular metabolism is relieved of the requirement to yield amino acids exclusive of producing minor adjustment in the supply chain. Protein synthesis can go on permanent. Unless the diet meets the lasting demand for amino acids, other, relatively expendable body proteins are broken down to meet the obligation. In effect, a dietary inadequacy of proteins forces the body to feed on itself.

The need for proteins in each diet is irrefutable. The regular American diet provides 1.2 g/kg of protein against the recommended daily allowance of 0.8 g/kg. The question, next, is whether to combine protein supplements to an existing diet? Though proteins from food might seem satisfactory, there is no telling whether all essential amino acids are supplied, and there is little way of knowing how easily those proteins are digested and assimilated into the body. A meticulously researched protein liquid like Profect, when taken regularly, would remove such doubts.

Apart from supplying amino acids for protein synthesis, a high protein diet based on Profect has additional benefits. Studies on high-protein diets have demonstrated their capability to stimulate weight loss. A high-protein diet produces initial satiety and brings down the total energy intake. Protein synthesis, an energy consuming process, is promoted. The energy to assimilate such a diet, calculated as the 'Thermogenic effect of feeding', is high. More calories are burnt, more proteins are synthesized and the lean body mass increases although the body weight goes down. Brawn is exchanged for flab.

Proteins from Profect form bioactive peptides in the stomach that can improve gut defenses. The destructive stomach bacteria are killed and normal flora is permitted to colonize the intestinal lining. Profect also protects the system from free radicals, free electron molecules formed during extreme activity and strain. Unbound radicals are known to harm cell membranes. Their role in aging, cancer and blood clotting is being intensely investigated. Profect grows the levels of Glutathione, a free radical scavenger that cleans up unbound radicals defending the cell from their effects. The added water-soluble vitamins and mineral in Profect preclude the loss of calcium and other micronutrients seen on high-protein diets. - 30414

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Body Fat And The Food You Eat

By Kwasaq Gosli

Everyone wants to live a better life with good health and fitness. But, to reach this goal one should make such strategies that can help him/her being fit. Following are some simple instructions given for beginners, who want to get rid of excessive fats and look healthier keeping in mind the calories they consume.

Achieving your Set Targets: Eating ethics is the first lesson for everyone looking to lose fats. If you are careless about the diet you intake, then for achieving your target, you are no way near hitting Bull's eye. Even a slight negligence in your diet can become extremely burdensome in your efforts to reduce fats. Try to learn from your mistakes and for better results, always avoid them in future.

Take control of your eating habits: For the person who is intending to get rid of the fat fast, a vital and simple way is to keep an eye on whatever he/she consumes. You should be well aware of the nutritional value of whatever you consume all day.

Take meals with proper timings: Your eating time is very important for your metabolism to work better. When you eat regularly and normally you will have good power and this will ultimately help you lose extra weight. Deliberate food intake, stay away from overdoses and also we can keep an eye on what you eat.

Eat lush-green Vegetables & fruits: Make habit of ingesting fruits and lush green vegetables and try to avoid junk foods and meat. Since these things are low-fatty and provides you with fiber and fresh energy. On the contrary, fast foods are fatty and they drive down your metabolic process.

Fiber and losing fats: Fiber helps us in digestion process and settles in body for long time, since we will have a feeling of fullness and need no food for that time period. Intake of food rich with the fiber also helps us to sustain our level of sugar in blood.

Avoid using artificial sweets: Try not to have too much of chocolates, candies, sweet dishes, coffee, beverages or other drinks since they are full of artificial sweeteners and turn out extremely low energy. In the same way, they add too much fat in our body.

Also, care must be taken while using low-fatty foods because sugar is frequently used in such stuffs with an intention to transform their taste. Stability of your blood sugar will increase blazing of fats in your body.

Prevent the use of alcohol: In order to lose weight you have to prevent using food like, alcoholic drinks, heroine, ecstasy, speedballs and so on. Since such stuff wipe out your body's organs and prevent them to work appropriately. Digestive system is also exaggerated badly and you cannot digest your food as it should be. Therefore it increases your fat level and ultimately you will put on more weight. - 30414

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